The University of Warwick Press (UWP) is an open access, digital, publisher of academic journals and books. The press publishes across a wide range of academic disciplines, reflecting the diversity of research undertaken by the University. The press is run and managed by the University of Warwick but welcomes proposals form across the academic community. As a press we are committed to open access dissemination of research and teaching materials while maintaining the academic quality of the work we disseminate. The press is designed to be a place where researchers and academics can experiment and innovate their approach to publishing. Our monographs and edited collections portfolio can be found at the University of Warwick Press.


  • Exchanges: The Interdisciplinary Research Journal

    Exchanges: The Interdisciplinary Research Journal (ISSN 2053-9665) is a peer-reviewed, open access, online journal dedicated to the publication of high-quality work by researchers in all disciplines, especially early career researchers and emerging domain experts, along with those combining research with academic teaching or other professional employment. The journal welcomes articles from all academic areas, including interdisciplinary research and co-authored papers, in order to encourage intellectual exchange and debate across research communities.

    The journal's operations are overseen by a Managing Editor-in-Chief based at the Institute of Advanced Study, University of Warwick, UK, supported by an international Editorial Board comprising early career researchers from around the world. The title is usually published bi-annually. It also provides both editors and authors with a readily accessible and supportive environment in which to develop academic writing and publishing skills of the highest order.

    Please view our Focus and Scope or Submit an Article using our five step submission portal.

  • Reinvention: an International Journal of Undergraduate Research

    Volume 17 issue 1, published 30th April 2024

    Reinvention is an established online, peer-reviewed journal and dedicated to the publication of high-quality undergraduate student research. The journal welcomes academic articles from all disciplinary areas and all universities.

  • Feminist Dissent

    Feminist Dissent brings together innovative and critical insights to enhance our understanding of the relationship between gender, fundamentalism and related socio-political issues.

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  • Polisemie

    Polisemie is an international peer-reviewed journal of literary criticism devoted to hyper-contemporary poetry of all languages. Our aim is to discover and explain the poetic voices of our time through academic articles, interviews and events.

  • Alternautas

    Alternautas is a multi-disciplinary journal devoted to counter-balancing mainstream understandings of development in/from Latin America – Abya Yala. Alternautas emerges from a desire to bridge language barriers by bringing Latin-American critical development thinking to larger, English-speaking audiences. The journal covers a broad range of development issues in a mix of regular and special issues. The journal was launched in 2014 and is fully open-access without fees for readers or authors.

    13 Days avg. from Submission to First Editorial Decision, such as desk rejection or send for review (2023)

    Acceptance Rate: 79%

  • Journal of PGR Pedagogic Practice

    The Journal of PGR Pedagogic Practice is a co-created peer-reviewed journal organised by a multidisciplinary team of postgraduates for all postgraduates, and anyone interested in supporting their teaching practice. We provide a space for postgraduate researchers (PGRs) to share their unqiue perspectives on their teaching practice, their successes and their failures, and their experiences in higher education. We hope to offer comforting examples and thought-provoking reflections for the wider community of PGRs. To others, we hope they are indicative of the sort of novel pedagogies PGRs have cultivated and the challenges they faced in their teaching.

    The Journal is published by Warwick PTC


  • The Journal of Law, Social Justice and Global Development

    The Journal of Law, Social Justice and Global Development is an interdisciplinary academic peer-review research journal. It is Open Access and distributed internationally in both electronic and hard copy form. It represents a growing community of scholars and development practitioners who contribute critically to policy debates on global sustainable development.

  • Plí: The Warwick Journal of Philosophy

    Plí: The Warwick Journal of Philosophy (ISSN: 1367-3769) is a peer-reviewed journal of philosophy edited and produced by members of the Graduate School of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Warwick, and associated contributors. 

    Plí has no specific set of philosophical concerns but previous issues have focused on European philosophical traditions, especially Continental Philosophy, reflecting the interests of the graduate community at Warwick.

    In particular, Plí has also published translations of works otherwise unavailable in English by philosophers including Éric Alliez, Gilles Deleuze, Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, François Laruelle, Jean-François Lyotard, Jean-Luc Nancy, and Friedrich Nietzsche. A number of these have been prompted by visits of philosophers to Warwick, including Derrida and, more recently, Alliez, Badiou, and Laruelle.

    As well established journal with historical significance in the British philosophical scene, Plí has built a strong, diverse, international, and transdisciplinary Advisory Board, with professors from several countries, such as France, Brazil, USA, Argentina, Italy, Mozambique, Poland, Netherlands, Australia, Mexico, Czech Republic, Cape Verde, Canada, and others. 

    Before submitting to Pli, please make sure to read the Notes to Contributors.

  • UK and Ireland Engineering Education Research Network Conference Proceedings 2023

    Presenting the outputs of the 2023 UK and Ireland Engineering Education Research Network Conference, which was held on 1 - 2 June 2023 hosted by WMG, University of Warwick.

    A special interest community of the Engineering Academics Network, the UK & Ireland Engineering Education Research Network is an open professional group for individuals and organisations interested in high-quality engineering education and engineering education research. The Network promotes high-quality pedagogic research to underpin innovative and sustainable developments in engineering education.

  • Warwick Journal of Education - Transforming Teaching

    WJETT is an online, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the publication of high-quality articles in the field of education. It focusses on practitioner research, professional development and school improvement.

    WJETT publishes annually, is Open Access and without a fee.