Vol. 5 (1994): The Divine Sade (Historical Archive)
The Divine Sade (Historical Archive)

When citing these papers, be aware of using the right name, title, and pages of each one. 


A Manner of Thinking
- Deepak Narang Sawhney

Seven Mirrors of Sade: Sex, Death, Capital and the Language of Monsters
- Stephen Pfohl

Sade and the Theatre
- Annie Le Brun

A Turning Point in the Sadean Novel: The Terror
- Lucienne Frappier-mazur

Sade Contra the Supreme Being
- Philippe Sollers

Madame De Sade and Other Problems
- Margaret Crosland

Sade: Critique of Pure Fiction
- Catherine Cusset

Sade’s Itinerary of Transgression
- David Allison

Reading the Lack of the Body: the Writing of the Marquis De Sade
- Kathy Acker