Plí: The Warwick Journal of Philosophy

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Vol. 33 (2021)
Published January 1, 2021
Aesthetic Education (Historical Archive)

When citing these papers, be aware of using the right name, title, and pages of each one. 


The Ethical Dimension of Everyday Aesthetics
– Yuriko Saito

The Intersection of Moral and Aesthetic Factors in the Process of Growing Up
– Ronald Moore

Schiller and the Deskilling of Aesthetic Education
– Tom Huhn

Art’s Underthought: Art, Presupposition and Immorality
– Zoe Walker

Aesthetic Alchemy: Feature Construction and Conceptual Enrichment through Literature
– Johan Heemskerk

A Symposium on Catherine Homan’s A Hermeneutics of Poetic Education: The Play of the In-Between
– Catherine Homan, Rebecca Longtin, Corey McCall, and Jessica S. Elkayam

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Aesthetic Education
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In particular, Plí has also published translations of works otherwise unavailable in English by philosophers including Éric Alliez, Gilles Deleuze, Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, François Laruelle, Jean-François Lyotard, Jean-Luc Nancy, and Friedrich Nietzsche. A number of these have been prompted by visits of philosophers to Warwick, including Derrida and, more recently, Alliez, Badiou, and Laruelle.

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