Call For Papers

Plí invites submissions for its 36th volume:

Continental Philosophy and Global South Perspectives


Plí: The Warwick Journal of Philosophy, is pleased to announce a Call for Papers for its upcoming special issue on “Continental Philosophy and Global South Perspectives”. As an esteemed platform for rigorous philosophical discourse, Plí encourages contributions that explore the intersections between Continental philosophy and diverse perspectives emanating from the Global South.

Scope and Topics of Interest:

>Contributions may include discussions on analyses of Global South arts through the lens of Continental authors, use of Continental authors on non-hegemonic topics, the influence of European scholars on Departments of Philosophy in the Global South, reflections on Global South backgrounds and dialogues with canonical authors, examinations of the reception of Continental philosophy in diverse regions, etc. This issue aims to create a dynamic discourse on the symbiotic relationship between Continental philosophy and the rich tapestry of Global South thought.


This special issue aims to uphold Plí’s tradition of excellence in Continental philosophy while fostering interdisciplinary dialogues. We welcome submissions that engage with related disciplines such as Anthropology, Sociology, Comparative Literature, Feminist and Queer studies, among others. The journal seeks to stimulate non-traditional approaches, including but not limited to Diaspora Studies, Amerindian Philosophy, South-South institutional relations, reception of Continental thinkers, and the use of Continental authors to address Global South and non-traditional issues.

Diverse Formats:

Plí invites submissions in various formats, recognizing the richness of perspectives. We welcome traditional papers, small essays, translations of Global South papers into English, interviews, and book reviews – especially those focusing on publications relevant to the Global South. This inclusive approach is designed to accommodate a broad range of voices and scholarly expressions.

Varia Section:

In addition to the themed section, Plí invites submissions for the Varia section, encompassing diverse philosophical topics. We encourage authors to submit their work on any subject within the broad spectrum of philosophy.

Plí does not charge a submission or publication fee for submitted manuscripts (articles, reviews, interviews, etc.). Our journal is dedicated to nurturing a space for critical engagement with philosophical ideas. We look forward to receiving contributions that expand the horizons of Continental philosophy through meaningful dialogue with Global South perspectives.

For inquiries, please get in touch by sending an email to Contributions should be sent as a Word (.doc or .docx) file.

 - Submissions are due by August 15th 2024.

 - Before submitting to Plí, please make sure to read the Notes to Contributors.

Finally, accepted papers will also have a small commentary available on Pharos. - University of Warwick's Philosophy Magazine.

We eagerly anticipate your thoughtful contributions.


Gustavo Ruiz da Silva (University of Warwick) 
Kenneth Novis (University of Oxford)
Adriana Mandacaru Guerra (Johns Hopkins University)
Alexandre de Lima Castro Tranjan (University of São Paulo)
Cristiane Guedes (University of Bielefeld)
Eberval Gadelha Figueiredo Jr. (University of São Paulo)

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