Call For Visuals

Plí: The Warwick Journal of Philosophy is pleased to announce a Call For Visuals for our upcoming issue themed "Continental Philosophy and Global South Perspectives". We invite artists and designers to contribute visually striking covers for this issue.
Additionally, we are also requesting designs for the main art that will define the visual identity of our journal.


  1. Theme: For the cover, submissions should resonate with the theme of "Continental Philosophy and Global South Perspectives". We encourage artwork that creatively explores the intersection of these philosophical realms. For the main art, it must be focused on the homepage of our new website.

  2. Color Palette: The artwork should predominantly use a scale of grey with a focus on black. We seek minimalist designs that evoke depth and meaning within a monochromatic scheme.

  3. Minimalist Inspiration: Embrace simplicity and sophistication. We are drawn to designs that convey powerful messages with the use of minimal elements.

  4. Main Art Requirements: The main art submission should prominently feature the full name of the journal - "Plí: The Warwick Journal of Philosophy". Consider how this text integrates seamlessly with the overall visual aesthetic. 

Submission Deadline: As soon as possible for the main art. July 15th for the cover. 

How to Submit:

Please email your high-resolution visual submissions as attachments to In the subject line, include "Visuals Submission - [Your Name]." Ensure that your submission includes a brief artist statement and any relevant details about your creative process.

Selection Process:

Submissions will be reviewed by our editorial team, and selected artworks will be featured as covers for the upcoming issue and considered for the journal's visual identity.


Selected artists will receive proper credit for their work in the journal, along with an opportunity to showcase their portfolios in our publication.

Plí: The Warwick Journal of Philosophy looks forward to receiving your innovative and thought-provoking visual contributions.

Thank you for your artistic endeavour.