Vol. 4 (1992): Deleuze and the Transcendental Unconscious (Historical Archive)
Deleuze and the Transcendental Unconscious (Historical Archive)

When citing these papers, be aware of using the right name, title, and pages of each one. 


ALPHONSO LINGIS: The Society of Dismembered Body Parts
KATH JONES: Response to Lingis
IAIN HAMILTON GRANT: Energumen Critique
JAMES WILLIAMS: Monitoring vs. Metaphysical Modelling: or, How to predict the future of the postmodern condition
ANDREW GOFFEY: The Cruelty of the (Neo-) Baroque
NICHOLAS BLINCOE: Deleuze and Masochism
LORNA CAMPBELL: Anteros and Intensity
TIMOTHY MURPHY: The Philosophy (of the Theatre) of Cruelty in Gilles Deleuze’s Difference and Repetition
ALISITAIR WELCHMAN: On the Matter of Chaos
JACK FULLER: Distillations: A Premonitory Reading of Deleuze
BRIAN MASSUMI: Everywhere you want to be: Introduction to Fear
NICK LAND: Circuitries
TIMOTHY MURPHY: Bibliography of the Works of Gilles Deleuze