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Feminist Dissent brings together innovative and critical insights to enhance our understanding of the relationship between gender, fundamentalism and related socio-political issues.

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Why Feminist Dissent? - Rashmi Varma, Sukhwant Dhaliwal and Chitra Nagarajan

The Hindus Never Ate Beef - Akhil Katyal

Why Universalism? - Alison Assiter

Fundamental Truths - Rahila Gupta

The Poverty of Apologism: The British Left, Feminism and the Islamic Right - Stephen Cowden

Red Dust Road - Jackie Kay

A Black Feminist’s Dilemma - Kindy Sandhu

Islamisation of the Muslim World - Yasmin Rehman

I Want to 377 You So Bad - Akhil Katyal

My Journey from Islamist to Free Thinker - Mubarak Bala

In Conversation With Yousif Nasir - text and film by Shakila Tarannum Maan


Women Against Fundamentalism: Stories of Dissent and Solidarity, eds. Sukhwant Dhaliwal and Nira Yuval-Davis (London: Lawrence and Wishart, 2013) - Reviewed by Rebecca Durand and Myk Zeitlin

Spotlight: Shining the Spotlight on Sexual Abuse - Reviewed by Kathleen McPhillips

The World Before Her - Reviewed by Akanksha Mehta

'Seasons of Mud' - painting servies by Yousif Naser

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Feminist Dissent aims to fill a gap in the existing literature by creating space to interrogate the multi-faceted links between historical and resurgent religious fundamentalism and gender. It further aims to open up new ways of thinking about secularism, religious freedom, civil liberties and human rights, nationalism and identity politics, anti-racism and multiculturalism, neoliberalism, and feminist resistance.

The journal is Open Access and without a fee, and is published in Spring and Autumn each year.

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Feminist Dissent Launch

Femnist Dissent was launched on July 17, 2016 at Rich Mix in London.  
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