Chronology of Women’s Protests Inside Afghanistan Since the Taliban Took Over Kabul

August 15, 2021 through August 2023


  • Frieda Afary
  • Amir Sadat Khonsari
  • Kimia Kamoei



Compiled and edited by Frieda Afary, Amir Sadat Khonsari, Kimia Kamoei


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Author Biographies

Frieda Afary

Frieda Afary is an Iranian American librarian and translator based in Los Angeles. She produces the blog, Iranian Progressives in Translation, and is the author of Socialist Feminism for the Twenty-First Century (London: Pluto Press, 2022). She is the producer of Iranian Progressives in Translation and Afary is also the Co-Chair of the PEN Translation Committee (2023-2024) which advocates on behalf of literary translators and works to foster a wider understanding of their art.

Amir Sadat Khonsari

Amir Sadat Khonsari is an Iranian-born political scientist and activist. He completed his BA in Political Science with a minor in Iranian Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. While at UCSB, Amir served as researcher on Afghanistan for the Iranian Studies Initiative. Amir’s primary interests are politics, social justice, and gender studies in the Middle East.

Kimia Kamoei

Kimia Kamoei received her BA in Middle East Studies, with a minor in Applied Psychology from the  University of California, Santa Barbara in 2023. She was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1999, and moved to the United States when she was seventeen. She has translated Persian poetry and literature into English and has also researched the lives and experiences of Afghan women since the second Taliban regime took over in 2021.

Image 11: by Shamsia Hassani