Special Issue Proposals

Please note:

1: Before writing a full proposal, you should email the Editors-in-Chief for an “in principle” decision on whether your idea or concept is relevant and appropriate to the journal publication at this time.

2: A Proposal for a Special Issue is to be submitted by the person(s) who is qualified and experienced to the extent that they are confident in commissioning, managing and editing of a journal special issue. The proposal is therefore submitted by a potential Guest Editor(s).

3: All proposals must feature appropriate contributing authors who have agreed to contribute (and by a specific submission deadline).

4: Guest Editor(s) are not responsible for production, but may play a role in peer review and copy editing, as agreed with the Editors-in-Chief.

5: Failure to meet the agreed submission deadlines might jeopardise the publication of the Special Issue: the Journal maintains a schedule and while there is some flexibility, maintaining deadlines is important and the responsibility of the Guest Editor(s).  

6: When writing the Proposal and being prepared to manage (as a Guest Editor(s)) other contributors, please refer to the document Journal Guidelines & Policies for all textual and stylistic guidelines.


Part A:

Summary of Special Issue Proposal submission requirements:

1: Your submission is not currently under review of another journal. If it has previously been considered by another journal, this must be declared along with the reasons it was declined.

2: The submission file is in Word document file format, with any submitted files (images, etc.) in JPEG form.

3: The appropriate copyright confirmation and permissions will have been researched and can be assured.

4: The author's full name(s) and institutional or professional identification is on the front of the proposal.


Part B:

Writing your proposal: please state (in around 500 words)

1: Proposed subject and title of special issue.

2: Affiliations, position and institution of the proposed Guest Editor(s).

3: Outline of the rationale for the special issue (how will it contribute to knowledge in the field, and why is it relevant for this Journal?).

4: Structure of the contents – what articles will it contain, and by whom?

5: Brief abstracts of each article, with author’s name, title and professional position.

6: Any funding scheme, institution or organisation that will maintain interests, copyright or permissions in the publication of the special issue (if applicable).

7: The constituencies for whom this publication will be relevant – disciplines, professions, associations and networks, places, institutions or market segments.

8: Any other material or items to be included in the special issue – reviews, commentary, interviews or any other material -- primary research data, survey results or any information requiring tabulation, diagrams or other graphic presentation (if applicable).  

Please include a brief résumé or CV of the proposed Guest Editor(s)


All special issue proposals are in the first instance to be sent to the Editors-in-Chief:

Dr Rajnaara Akhtar: rajnaara.akhtar@dmu.ac.uk
Dr Jonathan Vickery: J.P.Vickery@warwick.ac.uk