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Feminist Dissent brings together innovative and critical insights to enhance our understanding of the relationship between gender, fundamentalism and related socio-political issues.

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Current Issue

Table of Contents

Introduction - Nadje Al-Ali and Nira Yuval-Davis

Why Fundamentalism? - Stephen Cowden and Gita Sahgal

Indigenous and Other Ways (Denkzettel) - Gail Simon

(Un)Modifying India: Nationalism, Sexual Violence and the Politics of Hindutva - Rashmi Varma

A Poem About Not Writing Poems - Meena Kandasamy

Does Revolutionary Politics reconfigure Islamist Women’s Agency organizationally? The case of the Muslim Sisters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (1928-2013) - Mariz Tadros

#Thispoemwillprovokeyou - Meena  Kandasamy

Christian Fundamentalists in the UK: Moral Swords of Justice or Moral Crusaders? - Sukhwant Dhaliwal

Secularism’s Fault - Lama Abu-Odeh
“Feminist futures are the seeds we plant today”: Building collective power for rights and justice at the 13th AWID Forum - Isabel Marler

Is PREVENT too toxic for Feminists? - Rahila Gupta

No battle is ever won for good - Paulina Wawrzynczyk

Abortion and Reproductive Justice – The Unfinished Revolution II (Ulster University 2-3 June 2016) - Pam Lowe

Review of Rana Ayyub’s Gujarat Files: Anatomy of a Cover up - Kaveri Sharma

Review of Your Fatwa does not apply here: Untold Stories from the Fight Against Muslim Fundamentalism - Chitra Nagarajan

The New Cool: A Review of Generation M Young Muslims Changing the World by Shelina Janmohamad - Angela Saini

Artist Spotlight: Jaishri Abhichandani

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Feminist Dissent aims to fill a gap in the existing literature by creating space to interrogate the multi-faceted links between historical and resurgent religious fundamentalism and gender. It further aims to open up new ways of thinking about secularism, religious freedom, civil liberties and human rights, nationalism and identity politics, anti-racism and multiculturalism, neoliberalism, and feminist resistance.

The journal is Open Access and without a fee, and is published in Summer and Winter each year.

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Feminist Dissent Launch

Femnist Dissent was launched on July 17, 2016 at Rich Mix in London.  
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