Neoliberalism, Hindutva and Gender

Convergence and Contradictions in the Provision of Welfare


  • Amrita Chhachhi



This article explores the convergence and contradictions between the two hegemonic projects of neoliberalism and Hindutva and the reinforcement/reconstruction of patriarchal gender relations in relation to welfare. Analysis of some key social policies and specific legal interventions show the fusion of the two in the construction of the family/nation/gender related to population regulation, governance of populations, the forging of a paternal contract, the move from welfare to financialization and the undermining of labour rights through regulatory and disciplinary labour codes. The convergence of neoliberalism and Hindutva results in a shift from rights-based entitlements to further commodification and digital financialization and the creation of a hindutvatised neoliberal subjectivity.

Keywords: Neoliberal authoritarianism, Hindutva, Welfare, Gender, Labour


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Muslim women protesting against the Indian government's plans of introducing a national register of citizens, Park Circus, Kolkata. January 2020.