Enhancing Engineering Education through Problem-based Learning


Problem-Based Learning
Active Learning
Student Engagement

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Riazifar, N., & Khajehsaeid, H. (2024). Enhancing Engineering Education through Problem-based Learning. UK and Ireland Engineering Education Research Network Conference Proceedings 2023. https://doi.org/10.31273/10.31273/9781911675167/1636


Problem-based learning is a dynamic teaching approach that empowers students to actively address real-world challenges while taking charge of their own learning process. This study focuses on how problem-based learning enhances the retention of engineering concepts and principles, evidenced by higher levels of engagement and satisfaction reported by students. Through rigorous analysis of student feedback and project outcomes, this research investigates the effectiveness of problem-based learning in the context of engineering education. The results highlight the substantial positive influence of problem-based learning on both student engagement and their grasp of engineering fundamentals.

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