Lessons learnt from Degree Apprenticeship’s Design and Development Practice at WMG


Degree Apprenticeship (DA)
Industry Academic Partnerships
Quality Assurance and Apprenticeships
DA Course Design
DA Curriculum Design

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Seyedebrahimi, M., Yang, J., & Azmat, F. (2024). Lessons learnt from Degree Apprenticeship’s Design and Development Practice at WMG. UK and Ireland Engineering Education Research Network Conference Proceedings 2023. https://doi.org/10.31273/10.31273/9781911675167/1627


Degree apprenticeships (DAs) are a new educational route that combine work-based learning with academic study. They offer the opportunity to gain an undergraduate or postgraduate degree while working towards a professional qualification. This paper shares the lessons we learnt during the course conception, design, and delivery of Undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) Degree Apprenticeship (DA) programmes at WMG. The focus will be on the aspects of quality assurance and student experience. The quality of the learning and teaching process is essential for the success of DA programmes.

This practice report explores the development and implementation of DA programmes at WMG, focusing on quality assurance and student experience. It discusses the unique challenges and considerations in designing apprenticeship curricula that meet both academic and industry standards. The report emphasises the importance of putting students at the centre of education, establishing policies for teaching quality, and maintaining effective processes to ensure programmes success and continuous improvement.

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Copyright (c) 2024 Mir Seyedebrahimi, Jianhua Yang, Freeha Azmat


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