A Comparison of University and School Tutorial Teaching


  • Ian Hamilton PhD Student, Statistics, University of Warwick




Training, Materials, Community, Engagement, Impact assessment, Schools


In the Spring term of 2021, I performed two online tutorial-based teaching roles. One was with groups of second year university Statistics students; the other was with groups of Year 11 GCSE Mathematics students. In this essay I aim to compare those experiences and draw out some learnings for PGR teaching practice.


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Author Biography

Ian Hamilton, PhD Student, Statistics, University of Warwick

Ian is a father of two (8 and 12) with a longstanding interest in teaching. He has experience of education, as a teacher or a parent, in Uganda, Ecuador, Singapore and the UK. Together these experiences have served to reinforce his sense for the value of good teaching. More recently - having slotted a first career as a Foreign Exchange trader in between - he returned to university to study Statistics, where amongst other things, he is looking at some theoretical aspects of the Comparative Judgement methods being increasingly adopted for assessment in educational settings.

Ian Hamilton, author of this article