Postgraduate Researchers and their Relationship to Teaching

An Initial Exploration of Survey Findings


  • Kate Lewis Final year PhD student in Life Sciences, University of Warwick



Warwick Survey, Postgraduates, Teaching Experiences, Training, COVID-19


Many postgraduate researchers (PGRs) take part in teaching or have teaching-related opportunities at Warwick, but currently, little is formally documented about their experiences. The aim of this research is to find out more about PGRs and teaching at Warwick, and to provide some insight into their experiences, many of which will have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This brief overview seeks to highlight some of the initial findings from an inaugural Warwick survey of PGRs, made in relation to teaching.


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Author Biography

Kate Lewis, Final year PhD student in Life Sciences, University of Warwick

My PhD work mostly focuses on the use of statistics to look at the role of lambs in the spread of footrot, a disease that is common in sheep flocks. I have taught in statistics-based modules in both the School of Psychology and Life Sciences, and my teaching focus is on helping to make statistics and coding with R accessible.

Kate Lewis, author of this article