Designing and evaluating the Supervision workshop series – embracing overlapping and contradictory views


  • Bing Lu
  • Ben Sinclair
  • Youn Affejee



This reflective piece focuses on the workshops of the Superb-Vision Network: a series of student-led workshops to support doctoral students’ learning of their supervision experiences. As a continuation account of the writing in the previous volume of this journal, this piece introduces how the development and evaluation of the workshops has been informed by the principles of educational design research (McKenney & Reeves, 2018) throughout. As a co-created work between three authors, who acted as facilitators and participant in the workshop, this writing discusses how the multiple evaluation/reflection cycles break down facilitator-participant barriers and contribute to methodological inclusion in terms of improving the future workshops. This writing recognises various challenges in incorporating various feedback when evaluating the workshops and centralises inclusivity when facilitating innovation, such as how to embrace participants’ contradictory views and critical feedback. In the spirit of educational design research, the other goal of this piece is to balance the need to develop a quality ‘product’ whilst simultaneously formulating broader design principles to contribute to ‘scientific understanding’, benefiting the development and evaluation of other peer-based learning initiatives.


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