The Development of Teaching, from Covid-19 to in-person Laboratory Sessions

A Reflective Piece


  • Tobias Slade-Harajda



Brookfield, reflection, tutoring, COVID-19, engagement, training


Teachers who began, like myself, teaching during the Covid-19 pandemic have had to adapt to multiple ways of teaching to accommodate the switch in demand of the student to different styles and methods. What was once dominated by in-person classrooms of 30+ students became a mix of independent learning and tutoring. Those who started their teaching journey through online one-on-one tutoring sessions bolstering up in-person classrooms, have had to adapt to the old method of teaching with students who are used to hiding their faces and muting their microphones. In this article I discuss how my method of teaching has changed, my opinion on the importance of physical presence in a classroom and what we can learn from the teaching styles demanded by the student.


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Author Biography

Tobias Slade-Harajda

Tobias is a 2nd Year PhD student studying an instability within a fusion plasma using the EPOCH code developed by Warwick University. He begun tutoring during Covid-19 and has continued teaching into his PhD by working as a 1st year undergraduate Physics laboratory demonstrator. Whilst finishing his Master’s the quality of online teaching frustrated Tobias and made him realise how important in-person lectures were to the development of a student as a whole. Tobias often looks to his previous teachers as role-models for what he considers to be effective teaching and constantly reflects on his own teaching style so that he can develop into an effective and compassionate demonstrator.