Coaching at a developmental level

Informed practices are not limited to teaching


  • Youn Affejee University of Warwick



Developmental coaching, university societies, informal learning, learner-centred learning, session planning


In this article, I reflect on a semester of coaching handball at the University of Warwick. Discussions revolve around creating a training session plan, delivering a training session, and coaching participants with differing goals. I hope to introduce developmental sports coaching in the context of university societies to an academic audience and showcase an alternative pathway to teaching for the PGR community. 


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Author Biography

Youn Affejee, University of Warwick

Youn’s doctoral research explores the impact of STEM outreach programmes, as part of the Lord Bhattacharya Engineering Education Programme (LBEEP). Youn hopes that his research will aid the impact evaluation of LBEEP and provide a blueprint for future outreach programmes. He is particularly interested in informal and signature pedagogies as well as the learning environment that they take place in.  Youn has been a Graduate Teaching Assistant in WMG for over a year and is the current women’s coach at UWHC.