Battles for Better or Prepare for Worse

Safety and wellbeing of researchers


  • Nur Aminatun Naemah binti Md Noor University of Warwick



laboratory, demonstrating, learning, wellbeing, mindfulness


This article discusses the pandemic's detrimental effect on research work in Chemistry department hence the effectiveness of more restricted safety implementation in the research laboratory as well as the teaching laboratory. Also, herein I share my experience having a head dive into laboratory demonstrating after being overwhelmed by my own research work, hoping to sail away from fear of failure and adjusting to the value of “unlearn to learn”. 


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Author Biography

Nur Aminatun Naemah binti Md Noor, University of Warwick

My PhD research is based on emulsion polymerization for waterborne based coating application using new potential monomer. I taught Basic Chemistry at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) and worked with nitrile latex manufacturer in Johor, Malaysia before enrolment at Warwick. During my second year of study, I joined lab demonstrating and got the opportunity to experience learning/teaching environment of the easing lockdown.