Uploading Separate Images / Files

If supplying images individually (either voluntarily or by request of the editorial team), each illustration, table and figure should be uploaded separately (and be numbered for identification) and their position within the text clearly indicated by referring to 'Table 1' or 'Figure 1', never to 'the table below' or 'the above figure'. Provide typed captions (including sources and acknowledgements) at the end of the main document.

Manuscripts should be submitted as a single file. Authors should submit figures as separate files, ideally in TIFF (.tiff) or EPS (.eps) format (preferably not GIF [.gif] or JPEG [.jpg]). For photos, JPEG is generally acceptable. Photos should be resized to a size suitable for displaying on a web page.

If more than two files are being submitted (e.g. cover page, manuscript and separate figures), it is recommended that these files are combined into an archive, so that only a single file is sent when submitting the manuscript. Applications for Mac OS (such as Stuffit) and Windows (such as WinZip) support the following formats: Windows or Unix zip (e.g., "archive.zip"); Unix tar (e.g., "archive.tar" or compressed with a gzip as "archive.tar.gz" or "archive.tgz").